Transforming yoga and art, for true inner enlightenment!


"I've practiced on many different mats over the last 4 years and my e rose yoga mat is the best mat I've ever used-it has amazing grip, it's quiet and practicing on a piece of art is a beautiful experience." JANE ALI

"Emilia's stunning artwork adds an extra, calming, visual sensation to any yoga or pilates class. I abolutely love my new amazing mat!" CAT DEAN 

"I love the colourful, bold, unique and strong composition of Emilia's art on my mat. The mat itself has a wonderful texture and grip, making it the perfect addition to my daily vinyasa practice. I also take comfort in the fact that it is made from sustainable material." GABRIELLE

"Yoga on our e_rose_art mat is like floating over the earth from high above." PORT ELLIOT WELLNESS